Service and Honors


[1] President of the MIT Institute for Data, Systems, and Society Student Council (2020-2022)

[2] Member of the MIT Graduate Student Council (2020-2022)

[3] Served as a reviewer for journal and conference papers (2018-2022):

(a) Management Science

(b) Operations Research

(c) Journal of Economic Theory

(d) Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control

(e) ACM Conference on Economics and Computation

(f) IEEE Transactions on Control of Network Systems

(g) Proceedings of Machine Learning Research

(h) International Conference on Algorithmic Learning Theory

(i) Journal of Naval Research Logistics

[4] Co-founder of the Princeton Federal Reserve Challenge Team (2013-2016)


[1] Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Paper Award (2021) from Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan for Social Inequality and the Spread of Misinformation (joint with M. Mostagir)

[2] Dissertation Fellow at the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System (2018-2019)

[3] Recipient of MIT Jacobs Presidential Fellowship (2016-2017)

[4] Phi Beta Kappa Induction at Princeton University (2015-2016)

[5] Junior Independent Work Award in Princeton Mathematics Department for “A Graph-Theoretic Approach to Labor Market Matching” (2015)

[6] Princeton’s Shapiro Prize for Academic Excellence (2014-2015)

[7] Siemens Award for Advanced Placement (2011-2012)

[8] Mathematics, Chemistry, and Physics Olympiad Semi-Finalist (2011-2012)

[9] Oregon’s (Male) State Advanced Placement Scholar (2010-2012)